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McFly are a British pop band who first found fame in 2004. The band, formed in London, was founded by Tom Fletcher (lead vocals/guitar/piano) and also consists of Danny Jones (lead vocals/guitar), Dougie Poynter (vocals/bass guitar) and Harry Judd (drums). They have released five studio albums and had seven #1 singles. They were managed by Prestige Management, and were signed to the Island Records label from their launch (2004) until December 2007, before creating their own label, Super Records. McFly is also the youngest band ever to have an album debut at #1.

Albums Mcfly

38 played on Radionomy

  • Radio:ACTIVE

  • Falling In Love

  • Do Ya / Stay With Me

  • Lies (Johnny Phonetti Dub)

  • Star Girl

  • Lost & Found: McFly - Live

  • Lost & Found: McFly Uncovered

  • Lies (Johnny Phonetti Remix)

  • Lies

  • Just My Luck

  • Obviously Hit Pac

  • One for the Radio

  • McFly

  • All The Greatest Hits

  • Greatest Hits

  • The Heart Never Lies

  • Baby's Coming Back

  • Transylvania

  • Sorry's Not Good Enough / Friday Night

  • Motion in the Ocean

  • Don't Stop me Now

  • Wonderland

  • Ultraviolet/The Ballad Of Paul K

  • Room On The 3rd Floor

  • I Wanna Hold You

  • I Wanna Hold You (disc 1)

  • I'll Be OK (disc 2)

  • I'll Be OK (disc 1)

  • I'll Be OK

  • All About You

  • All About You/You've Got A Friend

  • All About You / You've Got a Friend

  • Room on the 3rd Floor (disc 1)

  • That Girl (disc 1)

  • That Girl

  • Obviously

  • 5 Colours In Her Hair

  • 5 Colours in Her Hair (disc 1)