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The Kelly Family


The Kelly Family is one family, but in the same time - a multicultural band, who played music in the styles of Pop, Rock, Folk and even Jazz. The main feature of the band was not only nine siblings, singing and playing beautiful music, but the sincerety of this music, the choir, simple but lovely lyrics and the culture of the family. The band started their career in early 1980's and since than sold over 20 millon copyes of their albums. They are the autors of the biggest selling pop album in German history - Over The Hump [1994].

Albums The Kelly Family

22 played on Radionomy

  • Gold

  • La Patata (special Edition)

  • Streets of Love

  • Homerun

  • The Kelly Family - Blood

  • Flip a Coin

  • Mrs. Speechless

  • La Patata

  • I Wanna Be Loved

  • Wow

  • Mama

  • Live Live Live (disc 2)

  • Live Live Live (disc 1)

  • Growin' Up

  • Weihnachten mit der Kelly Family

  • Almost Heaven

  • Christmas for All

  • Die schönsten Songs der Kelly Family

  • Festliche Stunden

  • Over the Hump

  • The Very Best: Over 10 Years

  • New World