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A rap group that started out to be fun and games soon became a lifestyle to the royal boyz as they put their music online and received numerous responses of how they like their music. For three years the royal boyz have been working hard on their music trying to get big in Minnesota and reach the go of going national. D.J. Stewart (LIL'EM), and Deshaun James (S.J. FRESH) ages 14, and 15, take everything they see or hear about in life and incorperate that into their music. Recording a new track almost every weekend to progress from the last track they have come a long way, and look to come a lot farther in the future.Why this name?choosing the band name was hard we had many choices, but didn't know what fit our personality. After a few weeks we combined Royal Kings, and MN Boyz to The Royal Boyz because we've always wanted to get big nationwide and live life as kings. Do you play live?no live events yet can't wait till we do! We'd love to perform after doing it in front of both our families on holidays, we enjoy to show our music skills to people when they ask for us to freestyle at anytime. How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?Digital distribution is becoming a big thing, no one needs to go buy a cd from the cd store anymore, they can go buy it online and download it straight to their ipod, mp3 or any music player ect. Would you sign a record contract with a major label?Definitely our goal is to get noticed by a major label and become national recording artists.


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