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Anjali is the breath of fresh air that the world of music is waiting for. A woman of gentle strength and passion, her innovative style, powerful sultry vocals and haunting melodies ensure that she will touch the hearts of one and all. Her influences span several continents, cultures and musical genres; therefore, it is only natural for her music to fuse both classical and contemporary urban sounds. Born in Brooklyn, with roots in the Caribbean and South Asia, Anjali discovered her musical talent at the tender age of nine. A wild imagination combined with all of that raw talent was channeled into the grooming of an artiste. Anjali diligently trained in the U.S. and India under the tutelage of prominent instructors and has shared the stage with some of the worlds leading music icons. The release of the critically acclaimed self titled album, "Anjali: Sacred Offerings," secured her position as one of the best young vocalist her community has produced and has sold 30,000 copies in her hometown alone.The ever developing sound and growth each year as an artiste, Anjali embarks on 2012 with new music and plans for much more.


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Anjali - Kali Came

Kali Came