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I Monster

I Monster

I Monster is an English electronic music group, composed of the Sheffield based record producers Dean Honer and Jarrod Gosling.I Monster and its label Twins of Evil are both named after horror films.Formation and These Are Our ChildrenThey formed in 1997 and released their debut album These Are Our Children in 1998. However, due to Honer being involved with hitmakers All Seeing I, it was not until 2001 that they released their first single, "Daydream in Blue", a remix of The Gunter Kallmann Choir's version of The Wallace Collection's "Daydream". The song was originally released on 7" on Honer's own record label Cercle Records, which he founded with Add N to (X)'s Barry Seven. It was later re-released with a new mix on Instant Karma (in association with their own label Twins of Evil); which has also released material from Kings Have Long Arms and Mu Chan Clan. The song also featured on episode 3 of season 1 in the BBC Television television drama Hustle. The track peaked at #20 in the UK Singles Chart in June 2001.NeveroddorevenThey released their acclaimed second album Neveroddoreven in 2003, which was re-released with a new sleeve in 2004. The members are regular guest DJs across the country and have played live shows in London and at various European music festivals. Part of the live band is made up of Fred de Fred and Marion Benoist from The Lovers, on guitar and vocals respectively. Bonus tracks and rarities from "Neveroddoreven" were released on the albums Rare and Remixed (both 2012).Fast, Cheap and Out of ControlIn 2007, I Monster started collaborating with Finnish pop artist, HK119, for her second album. The resulting project, Fast, Cheap and Out of Control was released in September 2008 on One Little Indian Records, and saw I Monster co-write and co-produce over three quarters of the album. This collaboration came from Dean Honers previous role as a remixer for HK119's debut single, "Pick Me Up", from her debut eponymous album in 2006.A Dense Swarm of Ancient StarsIn 2009, the band released the follow-up to Neveroddoreven, titled A Dense Swarm of Ancient Stars. A collection of rarities were released on the album Swarf (2013).CredoIn 2011, the band produced The Human League's Credo, its first album in 10 years.


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I Monster - Daydream In Blue

Daydream In Blue


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