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Hungry Lucy


Hungry Lucy began by chance in 1998 when War-N Harrison (Fishtank No.9) was asked to contribute to a Depeche Mode tribute album. War-N asked vocalist/lyricist Christa Belle to record vocals for the song "Blue Dress". The couple found they worked together so well that Hungry Lucy was born. After spending a year writing and recording, the Autumn of 2000 saw the release of Hungry Lucy's debut CD, "Apparitions".

Albums Hungry Lucy

9 played on Radionomy

  • Glo (eco edition)

  • The Teatime Sessions

  • To Kill A King

  • Reigndance Club EP

  • Glo

  • Glo (European version)

  • Apparitions: Revisited (bonus disc)

  • Apparitions: Revisited

  • Apparitions