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Misery Index

Misery Index

BackgroundMisery Index's music is best described as death metal with strong hardcore punk and grindcore influences. Their lyrics tend to be highly critical of prevailing power structures in modern culture, everyday life and the ills of modern society, often coinciding with progressive, radical and anarchic aesthetics. Their band name is derived from the economic indicator of the same name, which was also the namesake of the last album by Assück, from whom Misery Index also draw inspiration. Through the years, the band toured extensively, notably performing over 1000 concerts in 44 different countries from 2002 until 2013.The band runs its own record label, Anarchos Records, through which they put out a handful of titles, including their debut Overthrow EP in 2001, the Dissent EP in 2004, and the 2010 compilation Pulling Out the Nails. Their debut album, Retaliate, was released on Nuclear Blast Records in 2003. They signed to Relapse Records in January, 2006, and released their second album, Discordia, in May 2006. Their third album, Traitors, was released in September 2008. Their fourth album, Heirs to Thievery, was released May 11, 2010. In June 2011, the band signed to Season of Mist Records.


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