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There are several artists with the name "Luke": 1) Luther Campbell (aka Luke), former member of Miami hip hop group 2 Live Crew 2) There is also a Danish electronic band named Luke. They have released two albums on the Music For Dreams label. 3) Luke De-Sciscio (aka Luke) is an acoustic songsmith. 4) French rock band formed in Paris in 1998. Wikipedia With many ‘beautifully constructed tracks, his dizzying falsettos confuse and delight the senses’, whilst ‘the honesty and poetic nature of his lyrics spin a web around your own heart’.

Albums Luke

12 played on Radionomy

  • Où en Est La Nuit

  • Stella EP Live

  • Les Enfants de Saturne

  • Heaven's On Fire

  • standing motionless in the midst of crowded souls

  • careful where you put your time

  • La tête en arrière

  • La vie presque

  • Luke

  • Changin' the Game

  • Greatest Hits

  • In the Nude