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The Cube

The Cube

The Cube is a music project, started in 2010 with the union of two eclectic Italian djs (David Monfri and Stop L.A.), linked by a big passion for electronic music and legends such as Justice, Daft Punk, Trenemoller, Soulwax and MGMT.Bored by the flat music scene, the two djs decided to change things up. Inspired by the motto of Fatboy Slim "DJs should not entertain, they must educate," they are creating a sound with a melting pot of influences ranging from Indie, Electronic and Fidget, to Hip-Hop and House.At the beginning, the project was met with hesitation from promoters and managers who were skeptical about their project. However, they haven't given up and have continued to push the project privately and by playing at house parties. And from this, The Cube has begun to emerge. The underground aspect of their initial dj sets test the boundaries of music, and has since collaborated with the guitarist from Milan "Rockafella," and the Vj "Deep Digital Noise." An "englarged dj set" is beginning to take shape, making The Cube a volcanic due that will explode in its final form during a live show. Under the eyes of more than 5000 people, The Cube form through the mixer, cd players, synthesizer, electric guitar and, with the assistance of the ledwall, their own concept of a dj set, which is a real audiovisual show.If you ask to The Cube what is their next target, they reply: "It is surely the music production, we are planning some remix and unreleased songs".STAY TUNED, Mr. Joe!!!!


Hot tracks

Cube - Cool Like You (Special Club Mix)

Cool Like You (Special Club Mix)