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Lacrimas Profundere

Lacrimas Profundere

BiographyLacrimas Profundere was founded in 1993 by guitarist Oliver Schmid. At the time, the band was influenced by doom metal, and also made use of feminine vocals and classical elements. With the entrance of vocalist Anja Hötzendorfer, they drew enough attention to themselves to be able to record their debut, entitled ... and the Wings Embraced Us, which was released in 1995 and was followed by La Naissance d’un Rêve (French for "The Birth of a Dream"), from 1997.After the said releases, the band was granted a deal with Napalm Records, which included five albums. A harpist was added to the band's line-up and they proceeded to record Memorandum (1999).Burning: A Wish from 2001 was Lacrimas Profundere's first album to receive attention from the international specialized press. This album featured the removal of the band's classical elements to some degree, and was also the first time they employed baritone vocals, supplied by Oliver's brother, Christopher Schmid. Their first international tour then began, including countries of Europe and Latin America.Lacrimas Profundere's subsequent albums were Fall, I Will Follow from 2002 and Ave End from 2004.Filthy Notes For Frozen Hearts received considerable attention from Jackass star Bam Margera and the songs "My Velvet Little Darkness", "Short Glance", "Should" and "Sweet Caroline" along with a vocal excerpt from "Sad Theme for a Marriage" were played on his show Bam's Unholy Union.In April 2007, Christopher Schmid, the band's founding member's brother and vocalist left the band; citing prolonged stress from touring. It did not take long to find a new vocalist: Peter Kafka, who also sings for the German band Sonicslave. However, the former singer Christopher Schmid still writes at least some of the new songtextes. A few months later bassist Daniel Lechner left the band and vocalist Peter Kafka became the new bassist and Rob Vitacca employed as the new vocalist, who also sings for the German Rock band Lost. Long time keyboardist Christian Steiner also left the band but supplied some parts for the new album. The album called "Songs for the Last View" was released in the summer of 2008. This was the first album featuring their new singer, Rob Vitacca.Lacrimas Profundere's, The Grandiose Nowhere was released on 30 April 2010 the album spawned two singles "The Letter" and "Lips" videos for each song were made; they also toured in places across Asia and South America.As 2013 LP is preparing to release their new album entitled Antiadore on May 24.


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