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Keren Ann

Keren Ann

Keren Ann Zeidel (born March 10, 1974) is a singer-songwriter-composer- producer and engineer based largely in Paris, Tel-Aviv and New York. She has lived and recorded in France and New York for many years though she retains her Dutch and Israeli citizenship.She has released 5 solo records up to date: "Keren Ann" (2007), "Nolita" (2005), "Not Going Anywhere" (2003), "La Disparition" (2002), "La Biographie De Luka Philipsen" (2000).Her 6th solo album "101"will be released worldwide between february and May 2011. Many of her songs were performed by internationally acclaimed artists, among othersHenri Salvador, Jane Birkin, Francoise Hardy, Rosa Passos, Jacky Terasson, Emmanuelle Seigner and Benjamin Biolay.Her music has been featured in diverse films and tv series ("Grey's Anatomy", "Six Feet Under", "Big "Love"...). Her song "Beautiful Day" has been the sound of "Skyteam" campaign and in 2008 her song "Lay Your Head Down" was the synch for international H&M spring commercial. Keren Ann co-wrote and co-produced with Doriand the second album of Singer/Actress Emmanuelle Seigner released in January 2010, and the 2010 studio album of French legend Sylvie Vartan.She is also a member of the band "Lady & Bird" with Bardi Johannsson. They released a self titled record in 2003 and have worked on diverse composition projects such as a show with the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra in Reykjavik (May 2008) with director Daniel Kawka. The live performance has been recorded and post produced by the band and released in September 2009. A second show for the Parisian hall "Salle Pleyel" will take place on October 27th 2009, this time with "L'orchestre Lamoureux" directed by Christophe Mangou.Keren Ann & Bardi have also made the music for the TGV 2005-2006-2007 campaign.In 2008 K.A composed with Tibo Javoy the entire sound design for European TV Channel "ARTE".Writings & Recordings:2010: "101" @ Delabel/Blue Note/ EMI2010: "Soleil Bleu" / Sylvie Vartan @ Sony Music France2009/2010: "Thelma, Louis & Chantal" Original Soundtrack 2009: "Dingue"/ Emmanuelle Seigner w/ Doriand @ Sony Music France2008: "ARTE" new sound design w/Tibo Javoy2006-2007: "Keren Ann" @ Metro Blue/ Blue Note U.S and EMI2004-2005: "Nolita" @ Metro Blue/ Blue Note U.S and EMI2004-2005: "The Isis Projects" with Guy Chambers and Sophie Hunter @ Sleeper Music U.K2003: "Lady & Bird" with Bardi Johannsson @ Labels2003: "Not Going Anywhere" @ Capitol Records2002: "La Disparition" @ EMI2000-2001: "Chambre Avec Vue"/ Henri Salvador @ Source-Virgin France2001-2000: "La Biographie De Luka Philipsen" @ EMITV Synchronisations:Grey's Anatomy (song: Not Going Anywhere)Skyteam Advertisement (song: Beautiful Day)HBO Six Feet Under (song: Jardin D'hiver)HBO Big Love (song: L'onde Amere)SHO The L Word (song: Do What I Do / Lady & Bird)TGV Advertisement (song: Malmo Livs / Lady & Bird)H&M Advertisement (song: Lay Your Head Down)


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