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Sporto Kantès

Sporto Kantès

CareerThe band was born from the meeting of Benjamin Sportes and Nicolas Kantorovwicz, bassist of the Wampas. Sportes played Rockabilly in the 80's with Eduardo Leal de la Gala, (Wreckless Eric/Ltno, Gala and the Muzer) and Kantorovwicz Trash, but they play a melt of genres in their album: dub, jazz, reggae, hip hop, and also Brazilian music. The band have worked from samples with an Akai S 2000 on their tracks.In popular cultureTheir song Slits appears in the first episode of season 6 of the TV show Skins.Their song "Lee" was used as a theme for the French comedy series Kaboul Kitchen on Canal+ in 2012.Their song "Whistle" was used in the ad campaign for the Renault Twingo II in 2012.Their song "Whistle" is featured in the French film, "Blue is the Warmest Color," during Adèle's birthday party scene. (2013)


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Sporto Kantès - Lee



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