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The biography of Cursive goes back almost two decades, and the band's journey has been a wayward one, with members coming and going, a breakup, and a hiatus. Playing indie rock music, Cursive is an American band hailing from Omaha, Nebraska. Current members Tim Kasher and Matt Maginn started the band with former members Steve Pedersen and Clint Schnase in 1995. Current members include Ted Stevens and Cully Symington. The band also brought on Gretta Cohn in 2001. She played cello for Cursive until 2005. From the band's conception in 1995 and on, it put out 13 albums with the labels Saddle Creek and Big Scary Monsters. Cursive put out its first album The Disruption in 1996 and Such Blinding Stars for Starving Eyes in 1997. The band members had a couple years of touring with these two albums, but there was a small hiccup in the band's progress. Cursive broke up in 1998 when Kasher and Pedersen had to leave the band. However, just a year later the band got back together and shortly thereafter put out Domestica in 2000. This may have been the first hiccup, but it was not the only one on the band's journey. Cursive went on leave after touring with The Cure. When the members got back together, they put out a critically acclaimed album. Happy Hollow was released in 2006. This album received praise and a 5 out of 5 rating from Alternative Press . Cursive's most recent album, I Am Gemini, dropped in 2012. The band kicked off a European tour after its release.


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