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Richard Thompson


Richard Thompson is a gifted guitarist and songwriter whose critical acclaim and cult following has often threatened but never managed to cross over into mainstream appeal. In 1967 as a precocious 17 year old he was a founder member of Fairport Convention. Now legendary as pioneers of folk rock they were then captivated by the sounds of the emerging singer-songwriters of the American east and west coasts.

Albums Richard Thompson

30 played on Radionomy

  • Hokey Pokey

  • Henry the Human Fly

  • Sweet Talker

  • Mirror Blue

  • In Concert November 1975

  • Sweet Warrior

  • 1000 Years of Popular Music

  • Grizzly Man

  • The Old Kit Bag

  • Front Parlour Ballads

  • Live From Austin, TX

  • Pour Down Like Silver

  • Across a Crowded Room

  • Action Packed: The Best of the Capitol Years

  • Action Packed:The Best Of The Capitol Years

  • The Best Of Richard And Linda Thomspon: The Island Record Years

  • Mock Tudor

  • Small Town Romance

  • you? me? us? (disc 2)

  • you? me? us? (disc 1)

  • I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight

  • Watching The Dark (disc 2)

  • Watching the Dark (disc 3)

  • Watching The Dark (disc 1)

  • Strict Tempo!

  • Rumor And Sigh

  • Daring Adventures

  • Amnesia

  • Hand of Kindness

  • Starring As Henry The Human Fly!