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Fairport convention


Fairport Convention is often credited with being the first English band. Formed in 1967, Fairport rapidly developed from playing cover versions of American 'west coast' music to an individual style which melded music with English tunes and songs. Like their peers The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield and Jefferson Airplane they were blessed with several considerable individual talents and produced music that -at least initially- was eclectic, as well as exploratory. This side of the band may best be heard on Heyday, a collection of tracks broadcast by the BBC.

Albums Fairport convention

34 played on Radionomy

  • The Wood and the Wire

  • Acoustically Down Under

  • The Best Of The BBC Recordings

  • Tipplers Tales

  • XXXV

  • Gold Series

  • Liege And Lief

  • Chronicles

  • Live At The BBC

  • Sense Of Occasion

  • Fairport Convention

  • Live Convention

  • Rosie

  • What We Did on Our Holidays

  • House Full

  • Full House

  • Meet On The Ledge: The Classic Years (1967-1975)

  • Meet on the Ledge - The Classic Years 1967-75 (disc 2)

  • The History of Fairport Convention

  • Angel Delight

  • Jewel in the Crown

  • The Five Seasons

  • Nine

  • Rising For The Moon

  • "Babbacombe" Lee

  • Fairport Convention - 1st

  • Live

  • Unhalfbricking

  • Red & Gold

  • Expletive Delighted

  • In Real Time - Live '87

  • Gladys' Leap

  • Babbacombe Lee

  • Liege & Lief