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Danzel is a Belgian house and dance singer who reached the Top 10 in late 2004 with the single "Pump It Up". Danzel alias Johan Waem was born in Beveren-Waas, Belgium on November 9, 1976. He was 1 of the 20 finalists of the Belgian Idols; "Idool 2003". Singles "You Are All Of That" You Are All Of That was the first single released by Ministry Of Sound in late 2003 in the UK Singles Charts. The first single of the English DJ Danzel was a failure, reaching the Number 80 in the UK Singles Charts, and the Number 69 in the UK Dance Charts.

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  • Jump

  • The Name Of The Jam !

  • My Arms Keep Missing You

  • Put Your Hands In The Air!

  • Put Your Hands Up In The Air!

  • The Name Of The Jam

  • You Are All Of That

  • Pump It Up