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Sami Yusuf


Sami Yusuf (born July 1980) is a British singer of Iranian Azeri descent. Sami's first album Al-Mu'allim was self-produced and released in July 2003 which attained huge success. His second album, My Ummah, which was released in 2005, comes in two versions, a musical version and one with just percussion. Yusuf's music comprises mostly of songs to do with Islam and being a Muslim in today's world. He also deals with many social and humanitarian issues in his music. Presently, he is fast becoming a very popular figure in the Islamic world, having made videos for several of his tracks.

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c'est une radio Associative conssacrée aux algeriens qui veulent la vérité et la justice et réclament l'etat de droit en Algérie .

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Amizmiz (du berbère Amz-miz, en tifinagh : ??????, en arabe : ??????) est une petite ville de 13 000 habitants au Maroc située à 55 kilomètres au sud-ouest de Marrakech, au pied du Haut Atlas.

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Radio Chants Religieux Islamique

vous êtes les bienvenus. Bonne écoute

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