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Air is a downtempo electronica duo from Versailles, France. Consisting of Nicolas Godin and Jean-BenoƮt Dunckel, Air's 70s disco sound gained popularity during the late 90s dance music craze. Originally, Godin produced solo remixes but eventually joined the band Orange while attending college in Versailles in 1995. There, he met Duncke, and as other members dropped out, the band transformed into Air. Over the next two years, Air released two singles, "Modular" and "Casanova 70". The singles saw modest play throughout 1997, becoming popular in the British and American dance scene. Later that year, Air was featured on "Sourcelab Vol. 3'"along with producing a popular remix of a Depeche Mode song. In 1998, Air signed with Virgin Records to produce their first album, "Moon Safari". The single "Sexy Boy" climbed to number 22 on Britain's Hot Dance charts and even saw moderate MTV play. The duo set off touring Europe and America throughout 1999. In 2000, they were heavily featured in the soundtrack to Sofia Coppola's film, The Virgin Suicides. The score reached number four on Heatseekers with "Playground Love" climbing to number 28 on Hot Dance Music charts. Their second studio album, "10,000 Hz Legend" in 2001, was followed by another US tour though the album was criticized for its new experimental format. 2004's album "Talkie Walkie" featured a return to the band's more popular pop sound and topped the Electronic Album and Independent Album charts. Throughout 2005 and 2006, Air teamed up with Jarvis Cocker and Neil Hannon to produce their fourth album, "Pocket Symphony". It released at number one on Top Electronic Album charts and was followed by a lengthy tour throughout 2008. Drummer Joey Waronker toured with the band and subsequently joined Air to produce their fifth album, "Love 2". Their most recent work, 2012's "Le Voyage Dans la Lune", was written as a soundtrack to the 1902 silent film. It peaked at #17 in France and produced two singles: "Seven Star"' and "Parade".


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