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Loudblast is a Death/Thrash band that pioneered the genres in France, and one of the most important French metal bands of the 1990s.The band began in 1986 in the northern city of Lille. Its first recording was a split CD with the Nice based band Agressor. They have released eight albums on the record labels Semetary/fnac and Metal13. They began playing thrash metal influenced by the classic American bands such as Slayer. In 1991 they recorded the album "Disincarnate" in Morrisound Recording studios in Tampa, Florida, and the result was a pure death metal album. In the late 90's they incorporated more melody and groove in their music while maintaining a thrash/death aesthetic.The band announced that they were splitting in 1999, but after a support concert to Chuck Schuldiner's Death in 2002, the band reformed with Agressor's Alex Colin-Tocquaine and released Planet Pandemonium in 2004. After a few year hiatus, Stéphane and Hervé announced in November 2009 a new line-up including Alex Lenormand (Locust) and Drakhian (Fornication, Black Dementia, Griffar).


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