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Subversion as know as Francesco Adornetto (Frazzbass), is an italian dj/producer Milan based.After ten years of Frazzbass & Speedkore productions, decided to create an appropriate name for his new innovative tracksFrazzbass and D-Tox collaborated for the fist time, in a remix project on Cerebral Destruction itself and later on for Audiogenic's R-909%, Thorntree records and more labels. In the beginning (2009), they decided together to create a new hybrid project influenced by techno-hardcore, industrial-frenchcore, noise and drum'n'bass: the HARDSOUND music.Francesco beside promoting the hardcore movement in Europe is also a label group manager of Hardsound that includes (Noistorm, Cerebral Destruction, Masters Of Speedcore).In September 2011, Marcello decided to move out from the group to dedicate part of his extra time to other projects and to run the oldest Frazzbass's label: Cerebral Destruction, which has been totally restyled and turned into a core'n'bass/darkstep label.DISCOGRAPHYSubversion's first official vinyl release was released in 2010 on Noistorm Records (Printer Dead EP).The first cd album "Master Your Fear" was released at a Noistorm party at a famous club Alpheus in Rome. Master Your Fear was a big success also in downloads. Less then one year later, the second cd album was released in Prague and in Holland : The Game. Bad to The Bone EP (that is an extract of Master Your Fear on 12" support) is first in the best seller vinyl of all the hardcore worldwide online shop & distro (Sept/October 2011)!26/11/2011 Frenchcore s'il vous plait in Holland should be considered a big success in Holland for this kind of music. Subversion give to all the 1500party people the third cd compilation mixed by him.


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