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Thomas Dolby


Thomas Dolby is one of the great legends of . His career as a solo artist includes two of the most unique and recognizable hits of the genre, She Blinded Me With Science and Hyperactive!. Dolby promoted himself as a kind of mad scientist, an egghead that had successfully harnessed the power of synthesizers and samplers, using them to make catchy pop and electro-funk. Before he launched his solo career...

Albums Thomas Dolby

13 played on Radionomy

  • She Blinded Me With Science

  • The Devil Is An Englishman

  • The Golden Age Of Wireless

  • The Flat Earth (Collector's Edition)

  • The Singular Thomas Dolby

  • The Sole Inhabitant

  • One of Our Submarines

  • Retrospectacle - The Best Of Thomas Dolby

  • The Flat Earth

  • Premium Gold Collection

  • The Best of Thomas Dolby: Retrospectacle

  • The Gate To The Mind's Eye

  • Live Wireless