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Nokturnal Mortum


BAND: Knjaz Varggoth - vocal, guitar, native instruments Saturious - keyboards, native instruments Vrolok - bass Astargh - lead guitar Bairoth - drums BIOGRAPHY 1991 ----- * December - Knjaz Varggoth leaves LEPROSY * December, 31 - Knjaz Varggoth (vocals / guitar), Munruthel (drums) and Xaarquath (bass) form SUPPURATION 1992 ---- * "Ecclesiastical Blasphemy" is recorded at St. Maybe Soundfactory studio (Kharkiv, Ukraina) * "Ecclesiastical is distributed by Shiver Records (Belgium). So SUPPURATION is one from first ex-USSR underground metal bands distributed outside homeland

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BasilRock, la radio des fans de Rock. Diffusion sans interruption des meilleurs tubes du siècle, tous styles confondus.

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Night is upon us, friends and fiends. Extinguish the lights and embrace the dark. Eternal Undead Radio is now on the air. Bow to your immortal host, Sava Savanovic. The beast is now released!

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