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Agnes Obel

Agnes Obel

Agnes Caroline Thaaruup Obel is a Danish singer/songwriter popular in Denmark, Norway, Germany and other areas of Northern Europe. Her first solo effort Philharmonics was released by PIAS Recordings in 2010 and was certified Gold by The Belgian Entertainment Association for the sales of 10,000 units in June 2010. In November of 2010 Agnes Obel won five prizes at the Danish Music Awards including Best Album, Best Pop Release, Best Debut Artist, Best Female Artist, and Best Songwriter. Agnes Obel's biography begins in Copenhagen, daughter of a mother who loved to play Bartok and a Father fond of the xylophone and double base. She was trained in classical piano and found early inspiration in the music of Jan Johasson. She attended high school at Det frie gymnasium where she took 10 hours of pottery classes a week and played a great deal of the music of Roy Orbison, Joni Mitchell and PJ Harvey. At age 17 Agnes Obel moved to Berlin, where she has lived ever since with her three pianos. While living there she studied sound techniques, and founded the rock band Sohio. In 2010 Agnes Obel released her first solo effort Philharmonics, a collection of her own songs and several traditional folk melodies. Philharmonics has become a critical and commercial success. The French magazine Les Inrockuptibles said Philharmonics has "disarming purity" and clearness and reassuring nobility of bedside discs. The BBC said it has "singular beauty". In March 2011, Agnes appeared at the South By Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas and in October 2011 she was signed by Wintrup Music. Agnes has a number of film and television credits including three songs in the feature film Submersion, one of which won the Robert Award for the Best Song Of 2012. Her songs have been used in Grey's Anatomy, Offspring, Revenge, and CW's Ringer. Her second album "Aventi


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Agnes Obel - Riverside



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