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Rodney Hunter

Rodney Hunter

Rodney Hunter is dead-on when he says that he's been "around the block" more than once. storming the Billboard Charts, receiving a Grammy nomination with Uptight Productions, delivering remixes for War, Gravediggaz, Doug E. Fresh, Tosca, Freakpower, Cornershop, Martine Girault etc, hit supplier for the HipHop formation Aphrodelics and reputable others... Yes, Rodney Hunter, skilled bass and drum player, has come a long way.Like no other musician Rodney Hunter determines and consequently declines the catch phrases of the Quincy Jonesish Groove-grammar.Kruder and Dorfmeister, Rainer Trüby, the Stereo MCs,… they all have been falling back on his productions for years now simply because his musical output easily fits in any DJ set around the world. Although his productions are state of the art Rodney Hunter never forgets his roots, unifying different genres from funk to electro, downtempo to house, dub to hip hop to his very own "Hunter Sound"


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Rodney Hunter - Get Down

Get Down


Diana Lueger - Rodney Hunter - Let Your Soul Guide Your Heart

Let Your Soul Guide Your Heart


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Quero Saber


Rodney Hunter - Voodoo



Rodney Hunter - Take A Ride Pt.2

Take A Ride Pt.2


Rodney Hunter - Work That Body

Work That Body


Clumzy - Ken Cesar - Ra Face - Rodney Hunter - There's A Reason

There's A Reason


Ken Cesar - Rodney Hunter - Is This Your Boy

Is This Your Boy


Hubert Tubbs - Rodney Hunter - Without Warning

Without Warning