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Evelyn Thomas


Evelyn Thomas (b. 22 August 1953) is a disco singer from Chicago, Illinois. Since the start of her career. Thomas has recorded four studio albums. These albums are "I Wanna Make It On My Own" (1978), "Have a Little Faith in Me" (1979), "High Energy" (1984)" and "Standing At The Crossroads" (1987). Although best known worldwide for her Hi-NRG club hits, Thomas has also recorded and performed in disco, jazz, and gospel music styles. Read more about Evelyn Thomas on

Albums Evelyn Thomas

8 played on Radionomy

  • Ultimate Northern Soul

  • Mad About The Boy 17

  • Ultimate Disco

  • Reflections

  • The Ultimate Northern Soul Album (disc 1)

  • The Days of Disco Dancing

  • One Hit Wonder, Volume 3 (disc 1)

  • Mega Disco Funk (disc 4)