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Skin (stylized as S.K.I.N.) is a music project founded by several Japanese rock musicians in 2007. They are Yoshiki, Gackt, Sugizo and Miyavi, all being important to the visual kei movement or closely related to it, but each being from a different generation. Its debut performance was on June 29, 2007, in Long Beach, California, considered as the "Japanese rock concert of the century". Although they had announced more activities, such as a live tour and releasing a record, all activities were suddenly stopped. The future of the project still remains unclear.Conception and announcementThe origin of the project dates back to when Yoshiki invited Gackt to his Los Angeles mansion in 2002, where decided to produce some music together in the future.The project was publicly announced in July 2006 at an Otakon conference where Yoshiki as a guest said, he would be starting a band with Gackt. He announced how the group would be composed of five members, and they're going to produce a recording with a live tour in 2007. In December of the same year, it was announced that Sugizo would be the third member and the first guitarist of the group. And then at the first "JRock Revolution Festival" on May 25, 2007, organized by Yoshiki, he officially announced that Miyavi would be the fourth member and second guitarist, and that Skin would be having its debut performance on June 29, 2007 at the anime expo in Long Beach. Yoshiki confirmed that the group was planning to release an album and that rough recordings of seven or eight songs were made in March 2007. With the well known members the band is considered a supergroup, causing their concert to be called the "Japanese rock concert of the century". Both Gackt and Yoshiki said that they want to be the first Asian band to conquer the world charts, beginning with America. Leading a rock revolution and starting a new era of rock and roll, by opening the market for Japanese in the Western music industry.Debut concertOn June 12, premiere Skin concert tickets started to be released via internet. However, massive interest led to flooding of the servers, causing them to crash, and in a few hours ticket reservations were temporary stopped. On Thursday night of June 28, Skin performed for the first time, supported on bass by Ju-ken, at the time a member of Gackt's live band. The concert began almost two and a half hours late, for unknown reasons. They performed around five songs, of which four were "Gei-Sha", "Killing you Softly", "Beneath the Skin", "Violets", and most lyrics were in English. During the performance of "Violets", Gackt and Yoshiki both played piano, Sugizo was on violin and Miyavi played the traditional Japanese shamisen. At the end, Gackt announced that they would meet again.2007–currentSince their debut performance, Skin has been inactive. All activity was suddenly stopped without any information and the future of the project still remains unclear.In a 2008 interview, Sugizo was asked about the project. He had said that at the meeting was concluded they would definitely continue to work together, but are all too busy to get together at the same time and place, and added maybe from next year summer. But nothing happened the following year, and in a 2009 interview he stated don't know what will happen from now on. In 2011 said that he doesn't want to give up the project, and that they should restart it. During a press conference in June 2010, Miyavi said he was honored being included in the group, and revealed that he would like to become active with Skin in the near future. In November 2011, he tweeted that he met with Yoshiki, and they talked about the band. In a 2010 interview, Yoshiki said as he is currently working with X Japan and his solo project Violet UK, it will be after them and it's not in his immediate thoughts.


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