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There are at least five artists on Last FM tagged with the name Revolver. Please note that this is an incorrect tag for the Spanish act Rev├│lver . If this artist appears in your charts, do and yourself a favour. Fix your artist tags! 1) Revolver (UK) were a London based guitar band in existence from 1990-1994, comprising of Mat Flint (guitar/vocals), Hamish Brown (bass) and Nick Dewey (drums). Flint and Dewey had been in school bands together, and when the two moved to London in the autumn of 1990 met Brown who completed the line-up.

Albums Revolver

15 played on Radionomy

  • Music For A While (.)

  • Music For A While (Special Edition)

  • Bonus

  • Birds In Dm (Joakim Remix)

  • Music For A While

  • Get Around Town

  • Balulalow (Radio Version)

  • Revolver

  • The Unholy Mother of Fuck

  • Sur

  • Básico 2

  • Cold Water Flat

  • Básico 1

  • Baby's Angry

  • 45