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G-Unit, an abbreviation for Guerrilla Unit, is a rap group founded by 50 Cent. The group first garnered a following in the underground New York scene by independently releasing several mixtapes. The group's founder, Queens-based rapper 50 Cent, officially brought the group mainstream success by establishing it as a division at Interscope Records. Since signing to the label, G-Unit's members have released solo albums.

Albums G-Unit

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  • I Like The Way She Do It

  • T.O.S. (Terminate On Sight) (Edited Version)

  • T.O.S. (Terminate On Sight)

  • Rider Pt. 2

  • I Like The Way She Do It (Edited Version)

  • Wanna Get To Know You (Intl Version)

  • Wanna Get to Know You

  • Stunt 101

  • The Red Child (instrumentals)

  • Beg For Mercy

  • 50 Cent Is The Future

  • God's Plan