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All members of Timoteijs are currently studying at a music school in Skara and are working as artists. Cecilia was born, raised and lives in Falköping. Bodil was born, raised and lives in Skara. Elina was born, raised and live in Skövde and Johanna was born and raised in Tibro, but now lives in Skara. All members of Timoteij have dreamed of becoming artists and this year is the Melodifestivalen debut of Timoteij!

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EFR12 Radio

All Eurovision song contest stars on this radio ! Tous les succes des candidats du plus celebre show televise ! Retrouvez nous sur

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100% Hits

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Swedish Hit Radio live

Swedish Hit Radio is the web radio with 100% music from Sweden. All the hits from today and the favourites of the last 50 years. We bring you pop, rock & classics sung in Swedish or by Swedish artists. Visit us on!

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