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Jimmy McGriff


One of the all-time giants of the Hammond B-3, Jimmy McGriff (April 3, 1936 -- May 24, 2008) sometimes gets lost amid all the great soul-jazz organists from his hometown of Philadelphia. He was almost certainly the bluesiest of the major soul-jazz pioneers, and indeed, he often insisted that he was more of a blues musician than a jazz artist; nonetheless, he remained eclectic enough to blur the lines of classification.

Albums Jimmy McGriff

22 played on Radionomy

  • McGriff Avenue

  • I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

  • McGriff's Blues

  • Let's Stay Together

  • Blue To The 'Bone

  • McGriff's House Party

  • The Big Band: A Tribute to Basie

  • Groove Grease

  • Main Squeeze

  • 100% Pure Funk

  • Fly Dude

  • The Best of the Headfirst Years

  • The Worm

  • Feelin' It

  • Straight Up

  • Greatest Hits

  • Electric Funk

  • The Dream Team

  • Tribute to Basie

  • Funkiest Little Band in the Land

  • Jimmy McGriff

  • Soul Sugar