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Arma Blanca


There are two artists using this name, one being an NS RAC band from Spain, the other, a rap group described futher below. Arma Blanca its a spanish rap band proceding from Elda, Alicante, Spain. In his beginnings it was formed by Dj Joaking (Joaquin Soria Sanchiz, Dj), Dash (Javier Aracil Romero, MC) and Madnass (Manuel Amores González, MC), but more ahead Lom-c was united (MC). During one season they were recording loose subjects that they were not listened much more there of the border alicante...

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gran reserva rap

El mejor RAP 100% Español

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Radio de musica RACK Español nacionalista. Con grupos como: Batallon de castigo, Division 250, Konwista 88, Krasny Bor, Totenkpof, Celtica, Celtiberia, Estirpe Imperial Etc.. "España es el pais mas fuerte del mundo, los españoles llevan siglos intentandola destruir y no lo han conseguido"

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Hip hop en Español Radio

Solo Hip Hop 100% en español

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