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Seth Gueko

Seth Gueko

CareerNicolas Salvadori was born in France of mixed Russian and Italian origin. He was discovered by Néochrome, the independent French rap label in the beginning 2000s, appearing in Néochrome compilation Néochrome Hall Stars Game in cooperation with Al K-Pote and Zekwe Ramos, before releasing his first maxi album Mains Sales in 2004. In most projects, he worked on a number of maxi albums and street CDs. with the Néochrome label before signing for EMI Music before signing to East-West / Warner Music.Seth Gueko's first proper studio album was La Chevalière on 4 May 2009 with Hostile Records, followed by album Michto on 28 March 2011. On the 6th of May 2013, Gueko release his latest album, "Bad Cowboy".StyleSeth Gueko is well known for his skills in punchlines in his tracks full of references to various popular culture items. His emblematic track like "Shalom Salam Salut" is a reference to "Salut à toi", a famous track by alternative punk band Bérurier Noir. Track "Tapis moquette" has become a street anthem. His rap is also various linguistic influences using "parler banlieue", a contemporary Parisian lingo in addition to use of Romani (gypsy) languages (known as gitan), particularly "Manouche" of the nomadic Romani Tziganes, African lingala, Arabic language and also English language expressions. Using Verlan, a French argot in the French language, and a common slang language used by the youth featuring inversion of syllables in a word, many neologisms and onomatopoeia. His lyrics are full of humour and gimmicky phrases and newly invented words followed by fans. As influences he mentions popular French singer-songwriter Renaud, alternative punk band Bérurier Noir, French hip hop band 113 and French rock band Mano Negra.He remains a vocal champion of the Romani community popularizing many of their expressions (bicrave, criave, bédave, michto, etc.) While imprisoned in 2010 for charges of voluntary violence, he met Mister You, eventually recording "Zoogatazblex (30 juin 2010)", talking about the day they met. The track is available on his album Michto. He doesn't escape from controversy calling himself. In his street album Le fils caché de Jack Mess' ( a hidden child of Jack Mess') is a reference to infamous criminal Jacques Mesrine. He also invited Dominique Alderweireld, allegedly involved in sexual scandals to appear on his music video "Dodo La Saumure" in reference to him. He is also popular on online social networks with his posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with his fans known as Gueko Youth and ZdededeGirlz.Origin of nameHis pseudonym is from the character Seth Gecko played by George Clooney in the 1996 film From Dusk till Dawn directed by Robert Rodriguez. In the song "A.K.A." taken from his album La Chevalière, he also mentions that he named himself "Guy Georges Clooney" which is a reference both to Clooney but also to Guy Georges, a serial killer. He utilized the title in "J'marche avec ma clique" that featured Despo Rutti and is a track on his album Patate de forain.Personal lifeAt the end of June 2010, Seth Gueko was detained provisionally for voluntary violence against a young female. He was imprisoned in La Santé Prison until 24 September 2010.


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