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The Waitresses

The Waitresses

CareerThey had minor success in the United States with the song "I Know What Boys Like", from their 1982 debut album Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful. "I Know What Boys Like" was originally released as a single in 1980 but did not chart initially. The song was an underground hit, however, and by 1982 it peaked at No. 62 on the Billboard Hot 100, No. 23 on Billboard's Top Tracks chart, No. 14 on the Australian Singles Chart (Kent Music Report), and also charted in the UK.The Waitresses also recorded the theme song to the television program Square Pegs, which aired during the 1982–1983 season. (The band also appeared as themselves in the pilot episode.) Their Christmas song "Christmas Wrapping" was originally released on the ZE Records album A Christmas Record in 1981, and became a No. 45 hit in the United Kingdom in 1982. The song was subsequently covered by the Spice Girls in 1998, as the B-side of their single "Goodbye" and by the television show Glee sung by the character Brittany for their 2011 Christmas special, which aired December 13, 2011.The group released two albums, Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful and Bruiseology, and one EP, I Could Rule the World If I Could Only Get the Parts. For many years, none of these were easily available on CD, but that was rectified by 2013's Just Desserts: The Complete Waitresses, which collects virtually all of the band's recordings for Polygram.The band's lead singer Patty Donahue left in summer 1984 and was briefly replaced by Holly Beth Vincent. Vincent left the band two weeks later and Donahue returned. The band finally split up in late 1984 after the departures of Carney and Klayman.Donahue died of lung cancer at the age of 40 on December 9, 1996.


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Spice Girls - Christmas Wrapping

Christmas Wrapping


Waitresses - Christmas Wrapping

Christmas Wrapping