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Cat Stevens


Cat Stevens (born Steven Demetre Georgiou in London, England on 21st July 1948, and now named Yusuf Islam) is best known for his work as a popular British musician, although born and raised by a Cypriot father and a Swedish mother. At the outset of his musical career, Georgiou adopted the stage name "Cat Stevens", under which name he sold forty million albums, mostly in the 1960s and 1970s.

Albums Cat Stevens

32 played on Radionomy

  • Majikat

  • Teaser and the Firecat deluxe pack

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  • New Masters

  • Izitso

  • Tea for the Tillerman deluxe set

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  • Remember Cat Stevens - The Ultimate Collection (Ecopac)

  • Foreigner

  • Catch Bull At Four

  • Very Best of Cat Stevens

  • Majikat: Earth Tour 1976

  • The Very Best Of

  • On The Road To Find Out

  • Cat Stevens

  • Numbers

  • Back To Earth

  • Greatest Hits

  • Buddha And The Chocolate Box

  • Tea For The Tillerman

  • Teaser And The Firecat

  • Mona Bone Jakon

  • Remember Cat Stevens - The Ultimate Collection

  • Remember: The Ultimate Collection

  • Morning Has Broken

  • Moonchild's Dream

  • First Cuts

  • Early Tapes

  • Wild World

  • Footsteps in the Dark

  • Matthew & Son

  • Saturnight