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Janis Ian


A singer/songwriter both celebrated and decried for her pointed handling of taboo topics, Janis Ian enjoyed one of the more remarkable second acts in music history; after first finding success as a teen, her career slumped, only to enter a commercial resurgence almost a decade later. The child of a music teacher, Janis Eddy Fink was born on May 7, 1951, in New York City; she studied piano as a child, and, drawing influence from Edith Piaf, Billie Holiday, and Odetta, wrote her first songs at the age of 12.

Albums Janis Ian

22 played on Radionomy

  • Folk Is The New Black

  • Miracle Row

  • Stars

  • Souvenirs: Best of Janis Ian 1972-1981

  • Night Rains

  • Restless Eyes

  • Aftertones

  • Billie's Bones

  • Live: Working Without a Net

  • Unreleased 3: Society's Child

  • Present Company

  • God & The FBI

  • Breaking Silence

  • Society's Child: The Verve Recordings

  • Unreleased 2: Take No Prisoners

  • The Bottom Line Encore Collection

  • Janis Ian

  • Uncle Wonderful

  • Society's Child (disc 1)

  • Society's Child (disc 2)

  • Revenge

  • Between the Lines