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Auryn Music was formed in late 2007. It was originally conceived by Adrian Gariba as an experiment in A&R to let artists have control over their releases. Adrian actually had no experience with dance music and came from a more mainstream label perspective. He initially approached unknown producers he felt had talent and helped them develop studio techniques often unknown to the EDM world. Adrian at this time was a full time audio engineer in London UK later moving to Taipei. The label eventually developed a small but extremely well rounded and highly talented roster. Fast forward to 2010 Auryn Music is now one of the more revolutionary labels. A label run by artists with some incredibly strict release guidelines and studio ethic. Auryn's policy to not solicit other label's artists has also kept it free from the politics that plague many current EDM labels. Auryn Music hopes to inspire a new breed of EDM label. A label with a core group of artists who freely support others but have a home to depend on. A label for the giant corporate style labels to fear. Simply better tunes through studio development and zero politics has been priority one.. Auryn proudly tells others its not about our label or brand. Label's don't make you famous. BIG choons do.Read more: (To Date)AUM020 Squeeze EPAUM029 Forbidden Volume 2AUM018 Oxygen Volume 1AUM017 Caution Volume 1AUM016 Definitive Volume 6AUM015 Forbidden Volume 1AUM014 Horns & HalosAUM013 More Blood (The Remixes Of My Blood)AUM012 Apparences Volume 1AUM011 Definitive Volume 5AUM010 Stimmgabel EPAUM009 Definitive Volume 4AUM008 Fei XueAUM007 My BloodAUM006 The Void 2 EPAUM005 TenfoldAUM004 Definitive Volume 3AUM003 Definitive Volume 2AUM002 The Void EPAUM001 Definitive Volume 1


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Prince aux cheveux d'or


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Make My Day


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