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Murphy Lee

Murphy Lee

Early life and careerMurphy Lee, was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, and formed the St. Lunatics with fellow rappers Nelly, Ali, Kyjuan, City Spud. They scored a regional hit with the song "Gimmie What You Got", but the crew found it hard to get a record deal. Nelly secured a deal as a solo act, and released Country Grammar in 2000. After his appearances on Country Grammar, the St. Lunatics released their debut album Free City in 2001. A second St. Lunatics Who's The Boss was released in 2006. It is not supported by the members as the music recording studio Fast Life released the CD because they owned the music. It is a CD of the group's 1996 songs, which are raps over the music of popular 90s songs. In 2002, he was featured on Jermaine Dupri's hit single "Welcome to Atlanta" remix. In 2003, his biggest hit came with "Shake Ya Tailfeather," featuring Nelly and P. Diddy, which appeared on the Bad Boys II soundtrack. That song would later win him a Grammy. Riding the success of "Shake Ya Tailfeather," Murphy Lee released his debut album Murphy's Law later that year. All later releases were done off his website "".


Hot tracks

Murphy Lee, Nelly & P. Diddy - Shake Ya Tailfeather

Shake Ya Tailfeather


Dy-Nasty Ice Presents - J-Kwon_Murphy_Lee_And_Chingy-Tipsy_(Remix)-C4



Murphy Lee Feat. Jazze Pha & Sleepy Brown - Luv Me Baby

Luv Me Baby