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Suede (or The London Suede in the United States, although they were often called by their original name by fans in that country) were an English rock band of the 1990s and early 2000s that helped start the Britpop musical movement. Through their several incarnations, they were able to consistently put out albums that charted well, while still holding the respect of critics. Though they never achieved great success in North America, they were considered by some to be as big in the UK in the 90s (at least in terms of popularity) as The Smiths were in the 80s, or Roxy Music in the 70s.

Albums Suede

30 played on Radionomy

  • See You In The Next Life

  • New Morning

  • Singles

  • Attitude

  • Barely Blue

  • Easily Suede

  • On the Day We Met

  • B-Sides

  • A New Morning

  • Everything Will Flow

  • Can't Get Enough

  • Head Music

  • Electricity (disc 1)

  • Sci-fi Lullabies (disc 2)

  • Sci-fi Lullabies (disc 1)

  • Filmstar

  • Lazy


  • Coming Up

  • Trash

  • New Generation

  • The Wild Ones

  • Dog Man Star

  • We Are the Pigs

  • Stay Together

  • The Drowners

  • So Young

  • Suede

  • Animal Nitrate

  • Metal Mickey