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Willem Vermandere

Willem Vermandere

Willem Vermandere (Lauwe, Belgium, Februari 9, 1940) is a Belgian singer, Flemish cabaret artist, writer, sculptor, guitarist and painter. His songs are made in the dialect of the South of West-Flanders in Belgium. His most famous songs are ‘Klein ventje van Elverdinge’, ‘Lat mie maar lopen’, ‘Als ik zing’, ‘Blanche en zijn peird’, ‘Bange blankeman’, ‘Duizend soldaten’, ‘La Belle Rosselle’ and ‘Ik plantte ne keer patatten’. He studied Religion at Ghent and has been a teacher at Nieuwpoort. Although he is most known for his music, Vermandere is most active as a sculptor. His repertoire expresses criticism on society. His performances are a mixture of seriousness, sadness and fun. His songs can be considered as poetry. He performs as a band with Freddy Desmedt and Pol Depoorter. In 1993 Vermandere has written the song "Bange Blanke Man", a song about a multicultural society. This provoked an incident with the right wing of the Flemish Nationalists who protested against the song. Vermandere received threatening letters and was physically assaulted at the Grand Place in Brussels in 1992 on the Flemish national day of July 11. In 2000 he was bestowed with the title of honorary citizen of Veurne where he currently lives in the suburb of Steenkerke. In 2009 the Flemish ‘Radio 2’ station nominated him as a member of the galley of honor for a life filled with music.


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