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La Pegatina

La Pegatina

La Pegatina is a ska and rumba group from Catalonia, Spain, that formed in 2003. The group consists of members Adrià Salas and Rubén Sierra on vocals and guitar, Ovidi Díaz "Movidito" on percussion, Ferran Ibáñez on bass, Axel Magnani on trumpet, Romain Renard on accordion and guitar, and Sergi López on drums. La Pegatina is considered one of the world's premier Catalan music bands and they performed almost 900 concerts in 200 different countries. The group was characterized by putting an incredible amount of energy into their performances and getting audiences to sing and dance along to their music. Since record labels were not initially interested in La Pegatina, the group began releasing their music on the Internet. The music was downloaded so much that they quickly became famous throughout Spain, and radio stations eventually became interested in the group. Although La Pegatina self-produced their 2007 debut album Al Carrer, they signed a contract with record label Kasba Music a short time later. The group subsequently released three more albums, 2009'sVia Mandarina, 2011's Xapomelön and 2013's Eureka!. In support of these albums, La Pegatina toured extensively throughout European countries such as the Netherlands, France, Italy and Austria. The group won a number of prestigious awards over the years, including a 2009 Enderrock award for Best Pop/Rock Band, a 2010 ARC award for Best New Band, a 2011 ARC award for Best World Music Band, a 2012 Filmet award for Best Music Video, and a 2014 Altaveu award for their musical career.


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