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Goldfrapp is an English duo, formed in 1999 at London, by and musician Alison Goldfrapp and musician/producer Will Gregory. Prior to the band, Alison guested as a vocalist and songwriter with Tricky, Orbital and Peter Gabriel, among others. Goldfrapp's 2000 debut album Felt Mountain featured compositions that consisted of downtempo structures, sounding arrangements of strings and light, airy synths alongside Alison's sleek, soft vocals.

Albums Goldfrapp

30 played on Radionomy

  • Caravan Girl (EP)

  • Happiness

  • Seventh Tree

  • A&E

  • Ride A White Horse US Digital EP

  • We Are Glitter

  • Satin Boys, Flaming Chic

  • Fly Me Away

  • Fly Me Away (Single Version)

  • Felt Mountain Revamped

  • Supernature

  • Ride A White Horse

  • Ride A White Horse - Live In London EP

  • Ride A White Horse (Single Version)

  • Slide In (DFA remix)

  • Number 1

  • Number 1 (Single Version)

  • Supernature (US Version)

  • Ooh La La

  • Strict Machine

  • Twist

  • Black Cherry

  • Train

  • Felt Mountain (bonus disc)

  • Pilots

  • Utopia

  • Utopia (Genetically Enriched)

  • Human

  • Felt Mountain

  • Lovely Head