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Rubin Steiner

Rubin Steiner

Rubin Steiner (born Frédérick Landier, Tours, (1974-10-30)30 October 1974) is a French guitar, bass, and keyboard musician, and disk jockey specialising in electronica.He worked as a radio presenter between 1992 and 2002 for Radio béton in Tours, with a programme of free jazz, electro, punk, and experimental music.He organized concerts in Tours, edited a music fanzine, and was a guitarist in the group Merz from 1996 to 1998.His main influences are jazz, hip hop, punk rock, 1980s American music and pop, which he arranges into albums of electro-jazz, electronica, krautrock, pop, punk disco, post-punk, house music, and techno.He was nominated for the Victoires de la musique in 2006 for his album Drum Major.Chronology1999–2000 A bootleg sampler with Placido (of de Loo & Placido), then concerts with Placido, Boulez Republic, Horn Pusher, Volvo Traxx, and Francois Pirault under the name of Dance Hall Music Show.2000–2001: Going solo with samplers and synthesizer, with videos by VJ François Pirault.2001–2003: Samples, guitar, and singing in a quartet with Sylvestre Perrusson (bass), Benoit Louette (trombone), and François Pirault as VJ.2003–2008: Played guitar, samples, synthesizer, and singing in a new quartet, Rubin Steiner Neue Band, with Boogers (drums), Olivier Claveau (guitar, trumpet, trombone), and Sylvestre Perrusson (bass).2008–2009: Formed Neue Band with Lionel Laquerrière of Nestor Is Bianca, replacing Sylvestre Perrusson on bass.2009: Recorded an album with the post-punk group The Finkielkrauts (released 2010 on Another Records [sic\]).2010: Made an old school hip hop album with Canadian rapper Irish Republican Army Lee. Their title "Gay & Proud" was used as the official song of Gay Pride 2011 in Tours.2010: Participated in Nublu Orchestra performance Conduction N°190, Tête-à-Tête, conducted by Butch Morris.Since 2010 he has played with Olivier Claveau, Lionel Laquerrière, and Yann Dupeux in Rubin Steiner & The Simple Machines, using only analog synthesizers and rhythm boxes.He has also continued as the programme planner of Le Temps Machine, playing in Tours.


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