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Urbain Servranckx (June 7, 1949, Schepdaal, Belgium), also known as Urbain and Urbanus van Anus, is a Belgian comedian, actor, singer and comic book 'hero'. He shocked the Flemish conservative fraction by writing a song that is a parody on the birth of Jesus. In 1984, Urbanus and Willy Linthout began writing comic books with Urbanus himself as the main character. As of 2005 more than a hundred such comic books have been published.

Albums Urbanus

8 played on Radionomy

  • CO2 Prostituee

  • Master Serie

  • Urbanus Plezantste Liedjes

  • Master Serie - Urbanus' Plezantste Liedjes

  • Urbanus Tien Jaar Live

  • Tien jaar live (disc 1)

  • Tien jaar live (disc 2)

  • Urbanus In T Echt