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Rednex is a Swedish manufactured eurodance band using a country image. They had an international hit with the song "Cotton Eye Joe" in 1994. Although extremely popular in the Netherlands, Austria, and more specifically, Sweden--Germany, UK, USA, scoring such hits as "Old Pop in an Oak" and "Wish You Were Here,"--"Cotton Eye Joe" remains Rednex's sole hit in the United States.They have had more than a dozen top ten hits 3 albums, and are currently making a 4th studio album. The REAL MEMBERS OF REDNEX ARE: SCARLET , DAGGER, ACE RATCLAW AND JOE CAGG. SEE: Read more about Rednex on

Albums Rednex

13 played on Radionomy

  • Football Is Our Religion

  • Looking For A Star

  • Anyway You Want Me

  • The Best of the West

  • Cotton Eye Joe 2002

  • Chase

  • The Chase

  • Spirit of the Hawk

  • Farm Out

  • Rolling Home

  • Cotton Eye Joe

  • Old Pop in an Oak

  • Sex & Violins