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Peppertones (페퍼톤즈) are: Member : Sayo (사요) - Guitar, Noshel (노셸) - Vocal, Bass Discography : 2004 - A Preview , featuring Deb on vocals. 2005 - Colorful Express, featuring Deb on vocals. 2008 - New Standard, featuring DEB, Yunhee (연희 a.k.a. Westwind), Gyuhee Kim, (김규희 a.k.a. 김양)"DRUM", Gongmin (공민)"PIANO" Taejoon An (From Oh! Brothers), Yunjin (From Linus' Blanket (라이너스의 담요)), Gangmi Min (From THE SMILES), Jiyun Park (박지연), Hyunmin Kim (Boychuh) 2009 - Sounds Good!