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Sam Rivers

Sam Rivers

Sam Rivers (born Samuel Robert Rivers, September 2, 1977, Edmonton, Alberta) is the bassist and one of the founding members of the band Limp Bizkit. He is the cousin of the band's drummer, John Otto.Limp BizkitRivers first met Fred Durst while working at a Chick-fil-A in a mall in Jacksonville. The two started talking, and found they shared several interests, including skateboarding and music. They decided to get together for a jam session. Rivers was becoming an accomplished bass guitarist, and Durst was to be a vocalist. Together with several other people they formed a short-lived band called Malachi Sage. Rivers' talents on guitar would later come into play in Limp Bizkits Results May Vary album, the only album not featuring longtime guitarist Wes Borland, with Rivers playing both guitar and bass on select songs such as Creamer and Lonely World.When the band did not work out, the two decided to try again, and this time John Otto came into the picture to be the drummer at the suggestion of Sam. In 1994 the three formed Limp Bizkit. Later on guitarist Wes Borland came into the fold, as well as DJ Lethal in 1996. Rivers was the youngest member of the band. When their first album Three Dollar Bill, Yall was released, he was only 19 years old.He was voted Best Bass Player at the 2000 Gibson Awards.Recent workAfter Limp Bizkit went on hiatus, Rivers became a producer for local bands in Jacksonville. He produced the debut albums by Burn Season and The Embraced. Most recently, Rivers has been producing for the Orlando based band Indorphine. Aside from producing their new studio material, Rivers got them booked as the opening act for a Mushroomhead/Soil concert.In early 2009, Rivers reunited with Limp Bizkit for tours and their sixth studio album, Gold Cobra released in 2011.Personal lifeHis influences include bands such as Black Sabbath and Megadeth.In 2001, he married his girlfriend Roxie McMahon.EquipmentRivers was originally endorsed by Ibanez, and one of his basses was a customized BTB 5-string, but currently uses custom made Warwick basses, with light-emitting diodes in the fretboard. Rivers has also been seen using Wal Basses since 2005, mainly in the studio.CollaborationsMarilyn Manson ft. Sam Rivers - "Redeemer" (Queen of the Damned (soundtrack))David Draiman ft. Sam Rivers - "Forsaken" (Queen of the Damned (soundtrack))Black Light Burns ft. Sam Rivers - "I Have a Need" (Cruel Melody)


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