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Veronica Maggio

Veronica Maggio

Veronica Sandra Karin Maggio (born March 15, 1981, Uppsala, Sweden) is a Swedish singer of Swedish and Italian origin. She won the category "Årets nykomling" (Newcomer of the Year) in the Grammisgalan 2007.2006-07: Vatten och brödIn March 2006, Maggio released her debut single "Dumpa mig" (Dump Me); the video for the single soon became the hit of the week on TV stations like ZTV. Her other single after "Dumpa mig" was the song "Nöjd?" (Satisfied?). She signed a contract with Universal Music and went on a tour in Summer 2006 as part of Sommarkrysset, a Swedish live-music program on TV4.Maggio's debut album is called Vatten och bröd (Water and Bread). The lyrics and music were written by Stefan Gräslund, except for the rap verse in "Vi har, vi har" (We Have, We Have), which was written by LKM Kristoffer Malmsten.2008-10: Och vinnaren är...On March 26, 2008, Maggio released another album – Och vinnaren är... (And the Winner Is...), which she wrote and recorded together with Oskar Linnros.In 2009 she enjoyed some success in Norway and Denmark with her single "Måndagsbarn" (Monday child) reaching 1st position at the Norwegian charts, as well as being A-listed on the Norwegian radio station NRK P3, and the album Och vinnaren är... broke into the top 40 albums list.In 2010 Maggio worked with Petter on his new single "Längesen" (Long Time ago) from his album "En räddare i nöden" (A saviour).2011-12: Satan i gatanIn 2011 she released the album Satan i gatan, on which she collaborated with amongst others Christian Walz and Markus Krunegård. The album was a success and reached the 1st place in both Swedish and Norwegian music charts, as did the single "Jag kommer". During the summer and autumn of 2011, Maggio toured through Denmark, Norway and Sweden, and again in 2012 at Ruisrock festival in Finland.2013-present: Handen i fickan fast jag bryr migOn October 4, 2013, Maggio released her fourth album, Handen i fickan fast jag bryr mig, which is produced by Salem Al Fakir, Vincent Pontare and Magnus Lidehäll. The album includes a duet with Swedish singer Håkan Hellström, "Hela huset".AwardsVeronica Maggio has won many Swedish music awards. In 2007 she received "Årets Nykomling" (Newcomer of the year) at the Grammisgalan.In 2011 Maggio won the Rockbjörnen (rock bear) prize for both "Årets kvinnliga liveartist" (Live female artist of the year) and "Årets svenska låt" (Swedish song of the year) which was presented by Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.At the 2012 Grammisgalan Maggio was named winner in the categories "Årets pop" (Pop of the year), "Årets kompositör" (composer of the year) and "Årets textförfattare" (Lyricist of the year). the latter two were won together with Christian Walz.


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