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Paul Van Dyk


Grammy nominated artist and globally acclaimed DJ and Producer Paul van Dyk continues to dominate the electronic music charts and appears at the pinnacle of every Top DJ list across the globe. His fifth original album In Between was released August 2007 and features collaborations with David Byrne and Jessica Sutta. PvD is renowned as one of the hardest working artists, with sold-out tours that cross each continent, headline spots at every major festival, and a hugely successful recording career.

Albums Paul Van Dyk

32 played on Radionomy

  • Seven Ways

  • For An Angel

  • Home

  • Words

  • Nothing But You

  • We Are Alive

  • Paul Van Dyk The Best Of

  • For An Angel 2009

  • Hands On In Between

  • Let Go

  • In Between Bonus Tracks

  • In Between

  • White Lies

  • 45 RPM

  • The Other Side

  • Crush

  • Time Of Our Lives

  • Columbia EP

  • The Other Side (feat. Wayne Jackson)

  • Re-Reflections

  • Reflections

  • Time Of Our Lives / Connected

  • Global

  • Nothing But You (feat. Hemstock & Jennings)

  • Zurdo

  • The Politics of Dancing (disc 1)

  • Out There and Back

  • Tell Me Why (The Riddle)

  • Out There and Back (bonus disc)

  • Another Way

  • Another Way / Avenue

  • Seven Ways (bonus disc)