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The Chambers Brothers

The Chambers Brothers

The Chambers Brothers are a soul music group, best known for its 1968 hit record, the 11-minute long song "Time Has Come Today". The group was part of the wave of new music that integrated American blues and gospel traditions with modern psychedelic and rock elements. Based on their Southern roots, the brothers brought a raw authenticity to their recordings and live performances that was missing from many other acts of that era. Their music has been kept alive through heavy use in film soundtracks.Billboard singles listing1968 "I Can't Turn You Loose", Pop Singles, peaked at #371968 "Time Has Come Today", Pop Singles, #111969 "Wake Up", Pop Singles, #921970 "Love, Peace And Happiness", Pop Singles, #961971 "Funky", Black Singles, #401974 "Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go", Black Singles, #76 Billboard albums listing1968 A New Time-A New Day, Black Albums, peaked at #241968 A New Time-A New Day, Pop Albums, #161968 The Time Has Come, Black Albums, #6; Pop Albums, #41970 Love, Peace and Happiness, Black Albums, #17; Pop Albums #581970 The Chambers Brothers Greatest Hits (Vault), Pop Albums #1931971 New Generation, Black Albums #36; Pop Albums #1451972 The Chambers Brothers' Greatest Hits (Columbia), Pop Albums, #1661974 Unbonded, Pop Albums, #144


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