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Quentin Mosimann

Quentin Mosimann

Quentin Mosimann (born 14 February 1988 in Geneva, Switzerland) is an international DJ. He is currently The World's #69 DJ based on DJ Magazine's annual Top 100 DJs poll. Quentin Mosimann took up his career of DJ in the south of France, by Saint-Tropez when he was only 14. At age of 20, he won the French TV reality show Star Academy, and met a large success with 2 albums in Universal Music ('Duel' & 'Exhibition') and a tour with a show at the famous Olympia of Paris. That was a stairway to his current international career of “DJ Singer”.BiographyQuentin Mosimann was born in Geneva on 14 February 1988, of a Swiss father (a native of Berne in German-speaking Switzerland) and a French mother. However, he only had that Swiss nationality.He lived for three years in Geneva, then, following the separation of his parents, moved to Bogève, Haute-Savoie, with his mother.He moved to Hyères, Var, by Saint-Tropez in 2005 where he performed, under the pseudonym John Louly, as a DJ, at the NJoy club, with John Revox and Christian Sims.Quentin Mosimann won the Star Academy on 15 February 2008. He earned 1,000,000 euros, 200,000 of them immediately available.On 18 August 2008 he released his debut album, Duel, a double album, which was #2 in France and #1 in Belgium (Wallonia). It contains many cover versions of 1980s hits, such as "C'est l'amour", by Léopold Nord & Vous, "Mise au point" by Jakie Quartz and "Étienne" by Guesch Patti.On 15 February 2010 he released his second album "Exhibition", a pop-electro album which was #7 in France, #5 in Belgium (Wallonia) and #36 in Switzerland.In 2011, in addition to his career as a DJ, he was a judge on The Voice BelgiumIn 2012, he collaborated with the contestant he was coaching, Roberto Bellarosa, (who eventually became the winner of The Voice Belgium), on the realization of his first album, 'Ma voie'.On October 19, 2012, he was ranked 74th of the TOP100 ranking British magazine DJ Mag, and became the fifth French best DJ ahead Bob Sinclar or Justice. He won 100 places in the ranking in a year.In 2013, the theme park Walibi Belgium asked him to make the single "Psyké Underground", which became the theme song for their latest roller coaster, also called Psyké Underground.In September 2013, he became the main weekly resident DJ on the famous French EDM radio Fun Radio.He became the World's #69 DJ based on DJ Magazine's annual Top 100 DJs poll in October 2013, fourth French best DJ in the world, and he released his 3rd album 'The 8 Deadly Sins' in DJ Center Records, electro and progressive-houseIn January 2014, his Party Fun show on air since 4 months on Fun Radio was ranked #1 with 638,000 listeners (an increase of 178,000 listeners 39% in one year).


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Quentin Mosimann - Cherchez Le Garçon

Cherchez Le Garçon


Quentin Mosimann - C'Est L'Amour

C'Est L'Amour


Quentin Mosimann - L'aventurier



Quentin Mosimann - C'est La Ouate

C'est La Ouate


Quentin Mosimann - Etienne



Quentin Mosimann - Petit Avec Des Grandes Oreilles

Petit Avec Des Grandes Oreilles


Quentin Mosimann - Il Mio Rifugio

Il Mio Rifugio


Quentin Mosimann - Cargo



Quentin Mosimann - Such A Shame

Such A Shame


Quentin Mosimann - Je L'Aime A Mourir [Swing Version]

Je L'Aime A Mourir [Swing Version]


Quentin Mosimann - Mise Au Point

Mise Au Point


Quentin Mosimann - Such a Shame

Such a Shame


Quentin Mosimann - C'Est La Ouate [PF Pumping Remix]

C'Est La Ouate [PF Pumping Remix]